Southern Mecosta Whitetail Management Association

Meeting Minutes

Southern Mecosta Whitetail Management Association
Saturday January 5th / 6:00
Hinton Twp Hall

Note taker: Cheryl Holbeck
Meeting held by: Harold Wolf
33 members in attendance


Kasey Thren Mecosta County QDMA president- 

The presentation given by  Kasey Thren was an excellent lesson in jawbone aging of whitetail deer. It was very informative. Kasey also offered his expertise in aging the jawbones that the members brought in from their harvested deer. 
Collecting this data yearly will help us make decisions on moving the membership forward to harvesting bigger bucks in the future. 

Jawbone Data-  11 - 2 1/2 year old / 3 -3 1/2 year old / 1- 4 1/2 year old

A discussion was had in regard to this and we thought that we should have an opportunity to have jawbones aged at the buck pole as well as at the January meetings. The DNR will also age your jawbones at the Mecosta County checkpoint during hunting season.
The Costabella QDMA is offering a Youth Deer Management Seminar Saturday January 19th 8:00am - 4:00pm at The Mecosta County Rod & Gun Club. Contact: Kasey Thren for more information and registration at

Fundraiser Date Set-

The Reverse Raffle fundraiser is set for April 13th. More information on tickets sales will be coming in an email update.  We again will be looking for volunteers to help with side dishes and prizes for the raffles. It was decided to have the larger gift table as well as individual prizes so that we may have a few more winners!
Ideas on what to spend the money raised will be discussed at future meetings.

Pete Kailing DNR Biologist Mecosta County-

Pete Kailing gave a very informative report on the 2012 Deer Harvest in Mecosta county. He was also helpful in aging the jawbones as well. 300 deer were checked in at the Mecosta check station. The numbers are improving as far as the age of the deer being harvested with 65% being 1 1/2 year olds and 35% are 2 1/2 and older. 

EHD is going to be evaluated in the areas of the state that have been hit the hardest with this disease. Possible changes may come in licensing for these areas but is not expected. In Mecosta County the Hughes Swamp are was hardest hit. Please report to the DNR if you find or have found any deer effected on your properties. This will be very helpful in evaluating the extent of this disease.

Hogs are a very big problem in the Hardy Dam area. If you see or have problems with hogs please contact the DNR if you wish to receive help in trapping them. 

Pete also gave us an insight on a few topics that the DNR will be discussing at their next upcoming meeting. Doe permits, The Late Doe Season & Doe only Youth Hunts are all being evaluated and some changes may be coming. He highly suggested that we write a letter representing our CO/OP and include the names of the members that wish to be included in this letter to the DNR expressing our ideas and concerns. A letter will be composed and sent to our members prior to the mailing and those who want their names to be included can contact Cheryl Holbeck @

Plot Maps-

Todd Wilde will be collecting members property information to comprise a plot map of all our members and their property locations. This will be most helpful to know who are neighbors are and who is practicing QDM. 

**To Be Included in this map please contact : Todd Wilde
and provide the following: 

*The Name in which the your property/properties are registered under. (ie; Trusts ect.)
*How many acres included in the property/properties
*The Section number of your property/properties
*The Township in which the property/properties are located 

Treasurer named and report-

Jesse Berens is the new Treasurer and will be providing the Treasures Report at all upcoming meetings.

Pre Buck pole balance $1,980.0                                                                                                                
- Money spent on Buck Pole prizes ,food, ect..  $433.00                     
- Money Taken in at Buck Pole $285.00                                                                                                    
- DNR Sting cost- $540.00                                                                                                                             
- Balance $1,292.00

Buck Pole Improvement-  

It was decided to double the size of the pole if possible.  A " Work Day " will be set and planned at the April fundraiser and we will be looking for volunteers to help with this project.  

QDM signs-      

We would like to hear from our membership on how many might be interested in acquiring these signs to post on your properties. Harold Wolf will be looking into the prices, style ect.. This information will be sent in an email and the signs may be available at the April fundraiser. 
* Please email Cheryl Holbeck @ to express your interest in these signs so we may have a number on how many we may need to order.   

Fall Meeting-  
The fall meeting date will be set at the April Fundraiser

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